Are you awaiting to learn new concepts of scripting language? Or looking to enhance your JavaScript part? Then the best option for you is CoffeeScript. Now if you think where to learn CoffeeScript training program. Then, do not go anywhere; JPA Solution is the best CoffeeScript training in Chennai.

The CoffeeScript training program is curated so appropriately for enthusiastic persons like you. We at JPA solution have provided the course program from basic to in-depth core level. So, you don't have to worry about it. Get Coffescript trained from us and shine brighter in your career ahead.
Before going into our training program plan, we just want to give few critical points and the opportunities available in the market for CoffeeScript.

What is CoffeeScript?

CoffeeScript is a programming language that is known to compile into JavaScript. CoffeeScript is a simple language that tries to prevent the clumsy code of JavaScript and expose better parts of JavaScript in a better way; in a simpler word, we can say Coffescript to be JavaScript.
CoffeeScript code is easily human-readable and can be written with less code. Even though with small or light code, the runtime or efficiency is not compromised in CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript can be programmed by using existing JavaScript libraries and that too this code is equally fast or faster than the existing JavaScript code, that was written. Jeremy Ashkenas developed CoffeeScript. The basics of JavaScript should be known in order to write Coffescript codes.

Points to Remember

  • CoffeeScript is simple, and one can write easily understandable code.
  • Lines of code in Coffeescript is decidedly less when compared with JavaScript
  • Classes can be created in Coffescript and inherited from JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript is easy to maintain and handle.
  • Libraries of JavaScript can be used in CoffeeScript.

Career Opportunities

Many companies often use CoffeeScript coding in their projects. So, always have chances to be placed as web developer, Coffescript programmer, front-end developer, web designer, and other relevant opportunities.

The CoffeeScript training program in Chennai

As you are curious to learn CoffeeScript to build up your career. You have to look at JPA Solutions. JPA solution training program will cover almost all the concept of Coffescript from scratch to detailed topic. So, it will be helpful for you to get master CoffeeScript Programming Language.

  • Introduction: Introduction of Coffescript so much as what is Coffescript and how it works, basic syntax, advantages of Coffescript is covered up.
  • Installation and environment set up: In this section, you learn about how to install CoffeeScript Program and other details that are required for setting up CoffeeScript.
  • CoffeeScript Basics: Process of installing Coffeescript on different IS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. A start to a basic program of Coffescript is provided.
  • CoffeeScript Program: Working with Coffeescript and first Coffescript program is taught in this session.
  • Datatypes and syntax: Coffee Script’s syntax and Datatypes related topics are completed along with number and strings.
  • Operators: Topics like logical operator, arithmetical operator, assignment and comparison operator is taught in this class.
  • Element and conditional statements: Info about comments, ternary, blocks is concluded in this session. Conditional Statements loops concepts are also presented.
  • Objects and functions: Classes, objects, functions, and array-related topics are summarized under this session.
  • Inheritance and Exception Handling: Learn crucial part of the programming language, exception and error handling, inheritance in this class.

Moreover, adequate practical example, the live project would be done at the end of the session. So, hurry up and join a Coffescript training program at JPA solution.