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What is HTML?

Most common and well-known web designing language is HTML. Hypertext Mark up language, HTML is mainly used for creating a web application and web pages.

As the name suggests, hypertext means a "text within the text" and markup language commonly makes the text dynamic.

Hence, it's a markup language helpful in creating attractive web designs and web pages. Usually, the HTML document is made up of different HTML tags, and these tags contain content in it. Browsers display the content using the tag to render the content.

Points to remember

  • HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language.
  • Elements are the building blocks for HTML pages.
  • HTML tags are required to represent elements.
  • Using markup HTML describes the structure of web pages.
  • Integrating HTML with a program written in the scripting language improvises behavior of web pages.
  • Including CSS, would give a much attractive look and layout to the page.

Career Opportunities

HTML is required for almost all jobs this day. High opportunities are web designers and web developer. HTML language is the base for almost trending language such as bootstrap. On the whole, you will have a chance for software engineering, web designer and web developer.

What you will learn in this program?

We have covered all the topics of HTML in our training program. Basics of HTML 5is also added to the curriculum. Have a look over at the training program.


  • Introduction to Html: Overview and importance of HTML. Creating a basic HTML document with basic syntax. Choosing an appropriate code editor.
  • Formatting Content: Text formatting with HTML, line breaks, paragraph formatting. Descriptive and Procedural Formatting.
  • Usage of nav, div, and other Elements: Div element, nav element, section element, article and values of the structure.
  • Creating Links: Adding links with anchor tags, linking to external pages and pages within the website.
  • Lists and Tables: Creating lists and tables, Unordered and ordered lists, nested, modifying tables, Advanced table element topics are covered up.
  • Styling and Graphic: CSS, Creating inline styling, adding colors to text and background. Additionally, controlling styling and topography is taught. Embedding Graphics and designing is touched in this part.
  • Basic Scripting: Script element, writing a function, DOMs, Responding and listening to events will be taught as a part of training.
  • HTML 5: Walkthrough HTML 5, usage of new tags and elements, DOCTYPE, dynamic pages, form types, and charset will be covered.

As a part of training real time projects are also developed giving more exposure to hands on. There will be a proper tutor to teach you thoroughly and get through all your queries.
Join us at JPA Solution and get the best from our training program.