We think you are in search to get trained in R programming from a good Institute. Then you have absolutely landed at the correct place. At JPA Solution we provide the best R Programming training in Chennai. We offer R programming course from professional experts.

Our syllabus is curated accordingly to teach you by covering all the topics with examples making you an expert from a beginner. Proper support and guidance would be provided by our team. On completion of the training course, you would be eventually able to get placed in good companies. Going ahead if you really want to know what R programming is have a look below.


R is a programming language for data mining and modeling techniques. And also R is available as free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. As an environment, R's libraries implement a variety of statistical and graphical techniques, linear and non-linear modeling, time series analysis.

On, the other hand it acts as procedural programming for few functions and Objects oriented programming for other functions. R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentlemen and is currently developed by R Development Core Team. Based on the first letter of the names of developers name "R" was coined.

Points to Remember

  • R programming is a statistical programming language.
  • It consists of many packages that are helpful for data analysis
  • Integrating R with data management systems, Excel makes it an excellent tool.
  • R is mostly used for statistical modeling, creating charts and plots
  • Few collections of R' s libraries are explicitly designed for data science.
  • An integrated collection of intermediate tools for data analysis.
  • R has a strong package system and is extendable by adding packages.
  • Doesn't requires any prior knowledge of programming language.

When you have known what is R and worried about opportunities, then here it is.

Career Opportunities for R Programming

Definitely, R programming language has a get scope in Data Analytics and Data Science. Similarly, like Python, R has excellent career growth in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cracking a Job in R programming could be more comfortable when compared to Python as there is enormous competition for python. In, Business Intelligence also R programming is present, so this is another field to get a job. On successful getting trained in R Programming, you would be able to get a job as R Programmer, Quantitative Analysis with R, Statistician, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Database Administrator, BI Expert, Data Architect, Data Visualization Analyst.

What you will learn in JPA Solution Training program?

R training course

  • Introduction to Data Analytics and R programming: Here, introduction for the Business Intelligence and Analytics, Data, information is provided. Importance of R in solving complex problems and how it used in various web application.
  • Basics Of R: Topics covered here would be variables, data type, scalar, vectors, matrices, list, data frame, factors, detach functions, and few SQL joins.
  • Data Manipulation: In this part, data sorting, data merging, data recording, slicing of data, to find and remove duplicated data, cleaning data. And so multiple functions would be used to manipulate and clean data.
  • Importing Data in R: Various data importing techniques are taught in this session. Reading data, writing data, basic SQL queries, the versatility of R to take data in multiple forms like csv, web scrap data, etc.
  • Data Analysis: Task involved in Exploratory Data Analysis. Topics covered would be Bix plot, Histogram, Line chart, Pareto chart, developing graphic, pie chart, and few modeling topics.
  • Basic of Machine learning techniques: This part will cover the Regression topics, basic statistics, correlation.

As a part, of course, a project work would be assigned to the trainee. This will definitely give a good exposure. Make your career grow high by joining JPA solution.