Striving to learn Clojure Programming Language to improve your skills and get hired by MNC’s but don't know where to get started? Then don't worry, check out JPA Solutions. Here we provide a precise training class to the trainees to make them learn Clojure with ease.

Clojure Training Program at our Institute will show you how to master Clojure programming language with a deep learning of basics and fundamentals. We’ve taken proper care on crafting this course to help all the young aspirants to reach heights in their career.

If you aren't sure about Clojure and want to know about what you will learn in Clojure training program then check out the details below.


What is Clojure?

Clojure is a dynamic and modern Programming Language on JAVA Platform. It is just a general-purpose programming language that combines interactive development and approachability of scripting language. This Clojure programming language is a compiled and yet it remains completely dynamic.

With Clojure, you can get an easy access to the Java frameworks, along with the optional type inference. Clojure shares code with the Lisp as it is the dialect of Lisp. This special programming has a high range of features and has a rich set of immutable data structures that are helpful to develop the program. Clojure was designed by Rich Hickey way back in 2007 and until now it's serving its purpose and helpful in building lots of applications.

Points to Remember

  • Clojure is a Dynamic Development program that is useful for to code.
  • This has a Runtime Polymorphism feature.
  • Clojure is mainly suited for the concurrency tasks.
  • This programming language is just used in the backend programming.

Career Opportunity

Clojure is mainly used in Automation, AI Machine Learning and more in Web App Developing. So, you can find some helpful jobs for this programming language. This programming acts as a special add-on in your resume and mostly helps for your promotion if you are a software engineer position.

What you will learn in Clojure Training

In this course, you’ll learn some basic to advanced topics in Clojure programming Language. You can see the following topics we will cover in this course below.

  • Introduction: Learn the concept and basics of the Clojure Programming Language. Along with that, learn about the basic syntax of Clojure as well.
  • Literals: Literals are always important in Clojure so you will learn everything about the literal representation.
  • Evaluation: You will learn about the traditional Evaluation techniques of Java Source files.
  • Clojure Structure: Learn everything about the Clojure structure such as list, symbol, and numbers and so on.
  • Semantics: You will learn about the semantics and another diagram illustrates in the Clojure data structure and semantics.
  • Delaying evaluation with quoting: wondering how to delay evaluation with quoting. Then check out this training module.
  • REPL: You’ll learn about the Clojure REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop).
  • Machine Code: In this section, you will learn about the machine code that is used to write the web application codes.

This is some of the training syllabus you learn in this Clojure training program. Apart from these, you learn about the latest modules and techniques of Clojure Programming Language as well. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the JPA Solutions and learn how to master your coding skill of Clojure.