Make yourself unique and stand out in the crowd by learning a new programming language. In recent days, Elixir is known to be the upcoming programming language. If you are interested in learning ELIXIR Programming language, then join JPA Solution. We JPA Solution are always up to date with the new technologies in the market and make sure that we cultivate the same training and confidence in the trainees who join us.

The elixir-training program is on demand, and not many institutions are available in Chennai. So, we have included the Elixir training program for the folks like you who are looking forward to getting trained. If you don't have any proper idea about Elixir and it's career opportunities then have a look below. We have provided those details.

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a general purpose, functional and dynamic programming language that runs on Erlang VM (Virtual Machine). Elixir is designed for developing maintainable and scalable applications. The main framework of Elixir is Phoenix.
Both the Phoenix framework and Elixir code when worked together builds an excellent application for any industry. Elixir is even able to create an application with more complexity and features. If a simultaneous and concurrent web application is needed to be built then, Elixir is the best choice. When Elixir is compared to a language like Python or Ruby on Rails, then definitely Elixir is more capable of the concurrent web application or multiuser chat Windows.
It's for sure that Elixir has a completely different identity in the programming field.

Points to remember

  • Elixir is functional programming, and hence the code is short and maintainable.
  • Elixir can be set together with the set of tools and Mix is one among the tool that makes easy to run program, tasks, etc.
  • Elixir runs on Erlang VM, giving the developers’ access to Erlang.
  • Elixir is fault tolerance and guides the parts of the system if anything goes wrong.
  • Elixir is scalable, and information are exchanging through messages.

Career Opportunities

JPA Solution training program

The elixir-training program at JPA Solution is designed by keeping in mind of newbies like you who are new to the technology. Elixir being a functional programming language, we start teaching by providing basics of functional programming language and later move into the core concept of Elixir.

More details about Erlang VM will be provided. Tools like mix and their functionality when combined together, will be covered as a part of our training program

Our program course would be covered as below

  • Introduction: In this session, an overview of functional programming, intro about Erlang Virtual Machine and Elixir shall be taught here.
  • Basics of Elixir: The very basics of the same variable, data types, modules, functions, clauses, lambda function, and function arity is covered up here.
  • Recursions and Iterations: Recursion to recursion concept, Complex recursion, Tail Call, Using built-in function, files, streams and few other concepts related to iterations.
  • Error Handling and Control: Basically in this training class, flow control, handling the error, and handling exception is taught along with examples.
  • Processes: Much about concurrency, the importance of process and importance of concurrency, process communication, linking of processes, spawning processes. How to manage long-running process are touched here.
  • Tools: A brief knowledge will be provided about tools like MIX, OTP, Ex-Unit. The functionality of this tools when brought and worked together with Elixir.

Along with this hand on with examples, live project and few more details about Elixir applications will be provided. So join the JPA solutions Elixir training program designed specifically for folk like you.