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If you are wondering, what is F# and what are the career opportunities of F#? Then take a cup of coffee and go through this training module.

What is F#?

F# popularly known as F Sharp; is a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses both functional and object-oriented methods. This programming language was mainly created to bring functional programming language to Microsoft .NET. F# is used primarily for scientific applications, financial web applications.

F# has been positioned as the perfect and optimized alternative to the Mircosoft’s C#. It is an open-source programming language, which was designed by Don Syme, and later on developed by the F# Software Foundation and Microsoft.

Points to Remember

  • The F# programming language has a nice and clean code to write with no sort of curly bracket, semicolons.
  • F# is fully supported in the Microsoft visual studio and Xamarin Studio.
  • Usually, programming tasks in F# are clear and very much easier than other languages.
  • F# always provides a powerful type system that can help you deal with common errors.
  • Finance programming is somewhat easier with F# because it has lot of built-in functions and other libraries to deal with the system.
  • It also has asynchronous programming and the message queuing system that supports for event handling and more.

Career Opportunities

F# is one of the popular programming languages, which is used by Microsoft and other financial organizations for quantitative finance programming. Apart from that, you can also see F# scope in energy trading, machine learning, business intelligence and more. So, you can quickly find some best jobs in F# just by sharpening your F# programming skills. You can do jobs like F# Developer, Quantitative finance programmer, Social Game developer, and Software Engineer.

What you will learn in this Program

F# Training Program

The JPA Solutions F# training program offers you the best opportunity to master on demand F# programming by our professional teaching staff. By the end of this training program, you will be in good shape to launch your successful career.

Now, let's see what you will learn in this program.

  • Introduction: Learn the concept and fundamentals of the F# Programming Language including Program Structure.
  • The Basic syntax of F#: You’ll learn all the F# basic syntax in this class including Tokens in F#, Exceptions, False commands.
  • F# Data Types: Learn about the Data types that you will use in F# to code effectively.
  • F# Variables:Variables are always hard to learn for most of the programmers. Learn here with ease.
  • F# Operators: Learn everything about the operators.
  • F# Decision-making: You’ll learn about the conditions such as if condition, If then statement, If then else statement, Nested if statement and so on in this decision-making class.
  • F# Functions & Loops: In this topic, you will learn about both the functions and loops.
  • F# Strings, Options, and Tuples: Learn about the Strings, options, and tuples in this class. You'll be learning about the sample programming and other data structures as well in this class.
  • F# Maps, Sets, and Arrays: Arrays, Maps and Sets related topics would be covered here.
  • F# Classes, inheritance & Exception Handling: Learn about the critical topics like classes, inheritance and Exception Handling.

With all these above topics, you’ll learn how to apply inferential statistics and programmatic tactics to the real world scenarios.

So, hurry up join this course, improve your knowledge, and go ahead in your programming career.