Are you looking to improve your resume by learning GO Programming Language, but don’t know where to get trained? Then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Our JPA Solutions are here to help you to master Go Programming Language. We have specially developed a curriculum for the starters who strive learn Go coding to improve and enhance their resume to get a better job.
If you know about what is Go? Then don’t worry, go through the content and you will find out everything about the Go Programming Language, career opportunities and what you will learn in this Course.

What is Go?

Go Programming language is often called as the Golang. It is a statically typed and syntactically similar to C programming language. Go was designed by the Google Engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. This programming language has many benefits when compared to a standard programming language. It is definitely the best programming language you have to learn in 2019. The best interests of the Go programming is garbage collection, memory safety, and structural typing.

Points to Remember

  • Go programming is always useful to develop large-scale and sophisticated software.
  • It can easily collect all the garbage code with the help of its large garbage scale.
  • Go programming generates binaries for your web applications or software with some simply built-in features.
  • It has a robust and standard library along with package management.
  • You will get concurrency support from this Go Programming language.

Career Opportunities

Go programming jobs are steadily increasing day by day. As Go Programming, language is often essential to build and develop heavy software and application you will always have a scope of getting a good job. You can get jobs like Golang Developer, Golang Backend Programmer, Full stack developer, programmer, software engineer and so on.

What you will learn in this program

Go Training Program

We have designed this program for all the aspiring freshers who strive to grow in their career. You will learn new skills and some amazing real-time knowledge of Go Programming Language. Here are the topics we will be covering in this course.

  • Introduction: Before diving deep into the programming language, you will learn about the basic concept and fundamentals of Golang Programming Language.
  • Basic Syntax: Here you will learn about all the basic syntax of Golang Programming. Along with that, you will learn how to use them as well.
  • Data Types: Learn about the data types that are used in Go Language and know how they work and where you should use them.
  • Variables: Variables are essential, so you will learn in depth with our advanced variable concepts classes.
  • Constants: Constants are used in every programming language, so you will learn how to apply constants and other aspects in Constant.
  • Decision Making: It is always crucial to take some decisions, in this course, you will learn how to take proper decision making at times.
  • Loops: Learn about the loops excitingly and fascinatingly only at the JPA Solution with our interactive teaching skills.
  • Functions: Functions is always a daunting task to learn. If you want to learn functions perfectly then, you can do that with our best training program.
  • Strings: Learn how to apply strings and where to apply them perfectly in your program.
  • Arrays: Learn the concept of the array and how to use an array? At times when you are in need of Array with ease.
  • Pointers: Learn to apply pointer to the code or program which you write. Explore all the pointers and their uses in this section.

Along with these points mentioned above, we’ve included more advanced topics and real-time practice session which helps you to master your Go Programming Skills.