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If you aren’t sure about the Groovy Programming Language, about the career opportunities and what you will learn on this course. Then check out this guide,

What is Groovy?

Groovy is a dynamic and most powerful programming language that is optionally typed with static typing and static compilation capabilities. This programming language is aimed to improve the productivity of the developers by simplifying the syntax. This programming language can be integrated smoothly with any kind of Java Program, and it delivers results instantly. Some fabulous features in this groovy programming language are useful for coders.

Points to Remember

  • Groovy Programming Language has scripting capability along with Domain-Specific Language.
  • You can also find the compile time Metaprogramming and functional programming.
  • Groovy has a flat learning curve that has concise and readable syntax.
  • It has very smooth java integration and can be seamlessly interoperated.
  • Groovy language is rich in web development, reactive applications, asynchronous, frameworks, code analysis.

Career Opportunities

Groovy Programming Language is mostly used in lot of web applications, and website coding as well. You can see hell lot of sites presently using Apache Groovy such as Best Buy, Netflix, LinkedIn, Master Card, MTV, Google, IBM, Sky, Sony and so on. Therefore, you can get an excellent job in one of these companies as a software operator, developer, and Programmer.

What you will learn

Groovy Training Program

In our Groovy Training Program you will start learning programming language through the interactive content like videos, live examples and hands-on programming, with a proper mentorship at JPA Solutions. Topics, which you will learn in this course, are mentioned below.

  • Groovy Introduction: In this Course, you will learn about the concept and history of Groovy. Along with that, you will start learning about the basic syntax of Groovy.
  • Groovy Development Kit: Here, you will be learning about the differences between java and Groovy, how to install Groovy and along with that, you will learn about the groovy development kit.
  • Syntax: All syntax of the Groovy shall be covered in this course.
  • Operators: Operators are often useful for any programming language. So, we have covered about the operators in the lesson.
  • Program Structure: Program Structures are always useful in a Programming language without knowing about the program structure you can’t do anything. So, we have covered program structure.
  • Closures: Learn about the closures, semantics and more related concept.
  • Parsing and Producing JSON: If you are wondering about the advanced module, guides such as parsing and producing a guide for JSON then you will get to know about them in here.
  • Creating Swings UIs: Learn about the how to create the swing UIs.
  • Scripting Ant tasks & Template Engines: Details about the scripting ant tasks and templates engines is covered here.

Apart from these, you can also find more interactive videos, group discussions on latest and interesting programming topics only at JPA Solutions. So, Hurry up book your slot now and learn the advanced coding skills.