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If you strive to know about the javascript and its career opportunities then check out the below content.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is often used as scripting language in web applications frontend. It is one of the three primary languages used to form the world wide web.

JavaScript is usually identified as the JS and is a high-level programming language. Javascript can be characterized as the prototype based, dynamic language. This programming language helps you to enable interactive web pages, and so it is an essential part of the web application.

Javascript is commonly used as a client-side scripting language which means the javascript code is written on the HTML page. But when a user requests an HTML page which has javascript in it, then the script will be sent it directly to the browser to do some action.

Points to Remember

  • JavaScript is a light weighted program and effectively detects the user's browser and OS.
  • It gives users more control over the browser.
  • Javascript is not a Java programming language it is just a scripting language which is entirely different from Java.
  • It is an interpreter based scripting language.
  • Almost all web applications do have javascript on it, and most of the web-based browsers have a dedicated javascript engine to execute the code.
  • JavaScript has APIs for working with dates, regular expressions, arrays, and other basic manipulation as well.

JavaScript Career Opportunities

Javascript is one of the most in-demand jobs in the web industry. You can see a hell lot of companies offering jobs for javascript programmers, developers, software engineers and so on.
As the web is based on the javascript, you will often get good salaries on Javascript jobs. Some of the jobs in Javascript is a web developer, programmer, software engineer, tester, software developer, Front End Developer and so on.

What you will Learn in this Program?

JavaScript Training Program

Become career-ready faster with this Javascript Training program from JPA Solution. We've created this training especially for the young aspirants who long to get a job on their own skills. JPA Solutions JavaScript Training program is designed to ensure your long-term success in this field. Skills you learn here will help you prepare for advanced jobs in Javascript. You'll be ready to face any interview with ease. So, this will help you to make your dream come true.

Here are the topics we will be covering in this course

  • Introduction: Initially you learn the concept of JavaScript, Ajax and other basic points to help you get a clear view on JavaScript.
  • Developer Essentials: Developer essentials such as selecting the perfect tools for the job, development workflow, events, etc.are covered in the course
  • Objects & Variable: You'll learn everything about the objects and variables in-depth to make a strong foundation.
  • Coding basics: In this period you'll learn how to write your first code, using no scripts tags, comments and so on.
  • Learn the way to interact with users: Learn how to create alert dialogs, understanding functions, creating prompts for users and other elements.
  • JavaScript Essentials: In this section, you will learn about creating loops, passing values and function, reading arrays, re-using function and so on.
  • Rollovers: In this topic, you will learn how to create rollovers and more such as creating three-state rollover, making disjoint rollovers, slideshows, random images, etc.
  • Smart forms: More intelligent forms and jump menus to give the best experience for the final users
  • Handling: How to handle windows events, mouse clicks, keyboard events and more in this handling topic.
  • DOM, Nodes: You'll have a clear session on Dom, Nodes to know what are they and how they are useful.
  • Cookies: Cookies are always crucial for browsers so you will learn everything about the cookies over here.
  • Real-Time Applications: We always train our trainees a real-time experience to improve their skills and be confident about showcasing their skills.

These are few things in the course syllabus you can have even more sub-sessions and extra training activities to sharpen your coding skills. So, what are you still waiting for? Join us and grow to higher positions in your future.