Are you have a desire to create Android Apps with kotlin to skyrocket your career in Android Field. But, don’t know where to learn? Then don’t worry, JPA Solutions has got you covered. In JPA Solutions, you can get the best kotlin training in Chennai. We will show you the perfect way to reach your final goal with rocket speed.
We have compiled this curriculum for true beginners who often strive to develop android apps for next million Android users.

If you are new to kotlin and do want to know about the career opportunities on Kotlin, then don’t worry, go through this content.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is user-friendly and statically typed programming language that runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and it can comply to JavaScript Code as well. Jet Brains develop this super effective programming language. The best thing about this programming language is it is officially supported language for building and developing Android Apps along with JAVA.

Points to Remember:

  • Kotlin is most strongly supported JVM language in the Android world alongside Java.
  • It is an open-source and statically typed language which is designed and developed by Jet Brains.
  • Kotlin makes Android Development much easier, and at the same time, it is powerful.
  • This programming language is much safer than JAVA.

Career Opportunities

Kotlin Programming Language has some great career opportunities. Android app development has become more popular these days. As craze of the android app, increasing day-by-day kotlin programming language will also expand its spread. Therefore, you can find many job offers in most of the top companies and Startups as well.

You can quickly get jobs like Android Developer, Android App Creator, Software Engineer, Jr. Software Engineer, and so on.

What you will learn

Kotlin Training Program

To help all the aspiring developers we have carefully built this program. In this program, you can get some perfect real-world skills to create android apps. We have ensured that you get proper knowledge on your journey towards the professional Developer.

  • Introduction: In this session, you will learn about all the core concepts of the kotlin program just to enhance and start developing a basic android app.
  • Classes and Objects: Learn about the topics such as classes and inheritance, properties and fields, Visibility modifiers, data classes and so on in this classes and objects topic.
  • Functions and Lambdas: In this session, you will be learning about the functions and lambdas with all the inline functions that are used to create or build an android program.
  • Multiplatform Programming: You will learn about the platform-specific declarations along with building with gradle in this multi-platform session.
  • Collections and Ranges: Learn about the different collections that are available along with the ranges.
  • Type checks and casts: In this session, you learn about different types of checks and casts that are used in Kotlin.
  • Operators: Learn about all types of operators which are useful in this programming language along with you will learn about the operator overloading concept and other vital concepts as well.
  • Core Library: Learn about the core library of kotlin programming language with interactive examples. In addition, learn how to use them as well.
  • Native: Find out a proper explanation for the topics such a concurrency, immutability, platform libraries, C interop, and more.
  • Coroutines: Learn about the concepts of coroutines? How to compose suspending functions, select expression, co-routine context, exception handling and more.
  • Java Interop and JavaScript: As Kotlin is integrated with Java you will learn about the interop with Java and other aspects.

We strive we have built this curriculum to help you to make you master class with coding and developing Android apps. Join this course, improve your knowledge, and start having some fun by building your own Android apps.