Do you have any plans of learning C# to build your career in Microsoft, but don't know where to get trained? Need not to worry, here we JPA Solutions are ready to help you get professionally trained in C#. In the C# training program, we'll be showing you the perfect way to learn and develop Microsoft product applications and OS.

Our Curriculum is developed based on the necessities for folks like you. Our primary focus is to create a training program for all the fresh aspirants who want to succeed in their programming career.
At JPA Solutions you'll be learning the proper way to build Microsoft applications and more with C#. Our mentor always strives to support you while coding and give adequate guidance for you to resolve all your unsolved queries in your mind on C# Language.
If you don't have any knowledge about C# means, don't worry, have a glance at this content.

You will get to know about "what is C#?", "what you will learn in this course," Career opportunities and more.

What is C#?

C# is a general Object Programming Language from Microsoft mainly used to build Microsoft Applications, Operating system, and other Microsoft products. This Programming language is used primarily for networking and web development. C# was developed by the Dutch Software Engineer Anders Hejlsberg and his team as a complement to Microsoft's NET Framework. Programmers mostly use C# within the Microsoft ecosystem. And so If you strive to get a job in Microsoft, then you can get it with C#.

Points to Remember

  • C# is mainly used to develop Microsoft products and Windows desktop application.
  • A programming language can be used to create anything, but mostly we use this to create Microsoft products.
  • C# is used for creating Games as well.
  • This programming language has a high level of Abstraction.
  • You don't have to worry about garbage collection in C#.
  • C# is good for simple web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Career Opportunities

As Microsoft products are created with C#, you will have a high scope to get the best job in Microsoft. There are possibilities to get into the roles of Software Engineer, Developer, Programmer, Game Developer, Networking and many more in renowned IT companies.

What you will Learn in this Program

C# Training Program

We've created this training program by keeping job seekers and young achievers in mind. We've covered almost everything they need to code in this course. By joining this course, we ensure you that you will have some fantastic real-work skills to build products and other games which would be helpful for your career growth.

  • Introduction to C#: A brief walkthrough of the concepts of C# will be provided
  • Data Types and variables: Data types and variables are very crucial and here we train you well to develop Apps more Effectively.
  • Classes & Variables: Most of the people often face trouble with classes & Variables. But, our professional and experienced teaching staff will help you to get rid of those troubles.
  • Switches and Loops: All the concepts of switches and Loops shall be covered in the course.
  • Arrays, Pointers, and Strings: You might get stuck in Arrays, pointers and strings topics would be covered by professional teaching staff with examples, and you won't find it to be difficult.
  • Steam I/O: Here at JPA, you will learn how to resolve Steam I/O Errors and other advanced factors as well.
  • Working with loops: Working with loops always vital for any programmer you can learn that effectively in this course with additional Mentor help.
  • Building functions: Concepts of building functions are covered in our program.
  • Catching errors: Catching errors and resolving them in will be provided in the training
  • Managing resources with the garbage collector: Garbage collector is a fantastic feature in C#. You'll learn about "how to manage Garbage Collector" in this advanced Course.

You can acquire the complete knowledge of all the foundational skills which are necessary for your bright career in C#. So, do not prolong anymore and join us to make career wonderful.