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At JPA Solution, you will learn to code in OCAML from Scratch. You can land your career with the help of JPA Solutions and start developing symbolic computation applications. If you don't know what is OCAML and what you will be learning here then go through this post.

What is OCAML?

OCAML is a multi-paradigm programming language and is originally named as Objective Caml. It is one of the used programming languages for developing applications which involve in the Symbolic computation, program analyzers and more.
OCAML has an interactive top-level interpreter and a bytecode compiler as well. OCAML has a large library and so it is useful like other standard programming languages like Perl and Python. Along with that, OCAML is a robust object-oriented programming language.

Points to Remember

  • OCAML is a powerful type system that is equipped with polymorphism and type interface. So, this allows defining operations over the collection of the independent elements.
  • You can use OCAML for new algebraic data types and other combination of sums and records.
  • This special programming language is having automatic memory management that works great.
  • It is too fast and collects incremental garbage with its very own garbage collector.
  • OCAML has a sophisticated module system that simply allows parameterizing and organizing modules hierarchically much easier than other programs.
  • It also has effective native code compilers that compile efficient machine codes as well.

Career Opportunities

Demand for OCAML Developers is widespread across every functional programming industry and continues to rise higher. So, by learning the valuable skills to code in OCAML you can get fab jobs in topmost companies as a software Engineer, Functional Programmer, Software Developer, Backend Engineer, Data Analyst, and more.

What you will learn in JPA Solution program

OCAML Training Program

Learn OCAML Programming language from JPA Solutions and become career-ready in the programming field.

Here are the topics you will learn in this course

  • Introduction: Learn the basics of OCAML Programming Language along with the core concepts.
  • Structure of OCaml: In this section, you will learn about the general structure of the OCaml program that is used to do different coding tasks.
  • Modules: A clear explanation of the modules will be provided on this course.
  • Extensions & Filenames: Filenames and extensions that are used on the OCAML Program.
  • Data Structures: Data Structures are always important for any programming language. So, in this section, you will learn about the Data Structures such as Maps, Sets, Hash tables, Standard Containers.
  • Data Types and Matching: Learn about the Data types and how to match those data types in OCAML Programming Language.
  • Functional Programming: In this section, learn everything about the functions and functional programming basics. You can also learn advanced functional programming techniques.
  • Statements: Learn about the If statement, Loops, and recursion in this topic.
  • Errors Handling: Error handlings and common Error Messages.
  • Interoperability: Interoperability function such as calling C libraries and calling FORTRAN libraries.
  • Build Systems: In this section, you will be learning about compiling OCaml Projects, Setting up OCaml projects with OASIS and more about OCaml Build process.
  • Garbage Collection: Learn about the garbage collection in the OCAML Programming Language. Along with that, learn performance and profiling as well.

And that's our syllabus, do join and get trained OCAML Programming from our well-versed trainers at JPA Solution.