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We’ve specially crafted the training curriculum for beginners who strive to become a Perl programmer.
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Have a look below to know about what is Perl, career opportunities and JPA's training program.

What is Perl Programming Language?

Perl is a general-purpose programming language which is most famous as the CGI Scripting language worldwide. It is not only renowned for CGI but it is also useful for system administration, web development, Graphics, programming, finance and more.

Perl is known for its flexibility and text manipulation tasks. Some of the features in Perl programming language are derived from the Shell Programming language. So it has a lot of inbuilt function and tools which are usually found in shell programming.

Points to Remember

  • Perl has the best feature from other shell languages like C, Basic, Awk, Sed, and Sh.
  • Perl supports third-party databases such as Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, Sybase.
  • This programming language works with HTML, XML and other markup languages.
  • Perl is mostly used for network programming, bio information, finance, and Web Graphics interface applications.

Career Opportunites

Perl Programming Language is one of the on-demand programming languages which is having a lot of networking, graphics, and Perl development jobs. So, if you learn Perl, then you can simply grab a perfect job in CGI, or other Perl used applications. Some of the jobs you will be doing in this field is Developer, Programmer, Network administrator, Graphics coder, CGI interface manager.

What you will learn in Program

Perl Training Program

Learn development and data analysis process of wrangling, analyzing, communicating, and exploring data in Perl Programming Language with ease in the JPA Solution Perl Training Program in Chennai. We’re the best training provider in Chennai, and we’d name that because of our dedicated team's commitment.

Our training module are as below

  • Introduction: Learn the basics concepts of Perl in this introductory class and including input operators, and a Sample Program.
  • Perl Variables: Variables are the crucial concept and having a perfect knowledge on variable strengthens the skill
  • Arrays and Hashes: Concepts of Arrays, Array functions, Loops, hashes are covered up
  • Quoting and Interpolation: Learn the concepts of string literals, array substitution, backslashes, command substitution, interpolation.
  • Statements: Conditional statements such as If statements, If Else Statements, Nested If Statements, Switch Statement and If Else If statement is touched in this session.
  • Looping Statement: While statements, until statements, For statement, For each statement in this topic.
  • Expressions: Learn about the Regular Expressions used in PERL such as pattern matching, special characters, quantifiers, translate, split and joining as well.
  • Files Handling: Handling the files along with open function, input operator, print function, Reading Directories and there file related operations.
  • Subroutines: Subroutines topic such as an overview of subroutines, private variables, passing arguments, returning values topics will be provided here.
  • Packages and Modules: Learn everything about the Packages, modules, bless function, modules.
  • Database Connectivity: You’ll learn how to connect with database and how to fetch output from the Query through the Perl Programming Language.

Apart from these, you will learn the handling of the live project, get your queries answered by professionals. So, what are you still waiting for? Come join JPA Solutions.