Looking for the best PHP training institutes in Chennai. Then, no doubt, JPA Solution is the best training in Chennai. Even though PHP being the oldest, it has not lost its charm in the field of web technologies. The large commercial website from Facebook to Wikipedia built in PHP are excellent.

We at JPA Solution provide the best practical implementation of PHP with live projects. Our mentorship team are highly experienced and teach the course with the latest updates. We are always present for you to answer your queries and help you in resolving difficulties while coding.

Let us give a brief intro about what is PHP and then our training program details.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and is an open-source server-side scripting language. Rasmus Lerdorf initially created it. PHP was designed for web development and is used general-purpose programming language as well. PHP can be used with various frameworks, CMS, web templates and can be integrated with HTML. PHP is more secure and can be used in any servers and platforms. PHP is free to use; this makes it easier for building commercial websites.

Points to Remember

  • PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor."
  • It’s an open source scripting language helpful in building commercial projects.
  • The PHP script is executed on servers.
  • PHP can handle forms and perform system functions.
  • Using PHP, we can manipulate data in the database.
  • PHP is highly secured and can be used in any servers and platforms.
  • PHP can encrypt data and restrict users from accessing few of the pages as required.

Career Opportunities

As a fresher, you can be placed in any of the companies or the startup that use PHP. You can be placed as PHP developer, PHP tester, and PHP designer. There are a lot of websites built on PHP. Most of the content management frameworks like Drupal, WordPress are all using PHP, and we can build our own blog or website using this CMS. MNCs like Wipro, Tech Mahindra hires people who are well trained in PHP.

PHP Training program in Chennai

  • Introduction to PHP: Overview, history, what is PHP and installation of PHP and few necessary steps like embedding PHP code and inserting code comments are part of our introductory class.
  • Data Types and Arrays: Variables, strings, function, numbers, array, Booleans, constant and constant will be taught.
  • Structures: Logical expression like if statement, else if and logical operators, switch statement. Loops Structure like break, while loop, for loop and other logical and loop structure, are covered.
  • Functions: In this part, defining the function, argument, and default argument values, returning values, global and scope variable is touched.
  • Forms: Building forms, validating forms, single page form processing and validation, custom validation function
  • Developing web pages and Debugging: In this section, details about links, URLS, HTML encoding, using GET Value, Buffering and page redirection. Debugging and troubleshooting is taught.
  • Cookies and Sessions: Working with sessions and cookies, setting and unsetting cookies are summarized in the class.
  • Accessing database using PHP: Introduction to the database, Creating and populating the database, Connecting to the database with PHP, retrieving data from the database. Creating, updating and deleting the record from the database using PHP is covered here.
  • Content Management System: Building a CMS database and connecting the application to the database. Creating and styling pages, making pages reusable.
  • CRUD and site navigation: Learn here all the CRUD related topics and site navigation topics like adding and selecting pages from the navigation.
  • Public Content Area and regulating access: Details about public content area, Authentication, and authorization overview along with encryption concept in PHP is taken here.
  • Advanced Techniques: Here you will be covered with Techniques like the setting server, building dates and times, using more advanced function and arrays.

The above classes would be provided with a real-time project. We ensure that our JPA solution team provides proper hands on to the trainee. So, do not be late and get trained in the best institute.