Dreaming of being a data scientist or an expert in machine learning, then learning Python is a definite must. And if you are worried about where and how to get trained. Then, come join us at JPA solution and take a turn in your career with a bang.

JPA solution's primary focus is to provide training for all the freshers and experienced aspirants who want to have an extraordinary career. The curriculum for Python training is developed based on the necessities for folks like you.

On completion of our Python course training program, you would be able to gain expertise in data analysis, data mining and machine learning courses. Here, at JPA solution we provide adequate support and clarification for the doubts you raise under the proper guidance of the mentor.

Well, if you want to know precisely about Python, then have a glance.


Python is the highly interpreted object-oriented programming language and is open source as well. It works as a general purpose language and was designed by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1991. The unique characteristic of Python is simple to use, code readability and allows developers to express the concept in few lines of code. Python is much easier to be learned by any beginner compared to other programming languages.

Python is recommended in Artificial Intelligence, System Scripting, Server-side web development, and Data Analysis. Even for building Games, and Apps Python has been used.

Points to Remember

  • Python program is a scripting language and is used to create a backend application.
  • It can handle big data and perform complex operations.
  • Most favorite language among data scientists.
  • Python can be easily embedded into any application and can be connected to database systems
  • The Feasibility of running on all current operating systems like Mac, Windows, Solaris makes Python more attractive.
  • It can be used for rapid prototyping.
  • Python has less syntactic exceptions.
  • Python is more popular in AI, Automation, etc.
  • Python 2 and Python 3 are the popular

Career Opportunities

Being the most favorite language for data scientists, Python has the vast opportunity for you to be a data scientist. With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, Python's career scope is growing as well. Along with this, you can bag a role of Python Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Data Analyst. If you are college fresher, you can learn Python and stand apart in a rush. Even Python helps in being a DevOps engineer.

What you will Learn in this Program

Python Training Program

Our training program is created with the scope of keeping our trainees to get completely full versed in Python. We've provided almost the coverage for all topics in our program. Here, are the topics:

  • Introduction to Python: A brief intro about python and few concepts such as the program structure and necessary fundamentals of Python would be covered here.
  • Memory Management and Data Types: Here, object creation, object deletion, and their properties would be taught. Alongside other core data types, tuples, list, strings are included in this section.
  • Syntax and Statement: Python Expression, Loops, Syntax Rules, and other iterations and comprehension are covered here.
  • File Operations: Files I/O functions, Opening and Using a File. Usage of file tool and related operations topics are taught.
  • Function In-depth: Here, Function Scope, definition, parameters, Lambda Function, and Function Objects are summarised.
  • Classes and Modules: Instances, classes method calls, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading operator are covered. Along with this module creation, usage, the search path is taught.
  • Packages and Exceptional Handling: Creation, Importing and installation of the package. Catching exceptions, default exception handler, etc.
  • Advanced Concepts: Intro to Panda, Numpy, Data Manipulation, Data Frames and Plotting, and other advanced concepts.

Alongside we will be providing you real time case studies on various domains making you confident.

And this is how we at JPA solution complete our training program providing proper hands-on and real-time experience by experts. So, live up your dream job by joining us.