Ruby on Rails

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Before getting started, if you have any questions such as:

  • What is ruby on rails?
  • What are the Career Opportunities?
  • What we will teach in our training?

Don't worry; We have got the answers covered. Go through the post below you will get an idea.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework, which was written in Ruby under the MIT License. The rails programming language provides default structures for Database, web pages, and web service as well.

This is an open source object-oriented, dynamic and high-level programming language which supports to build web applications such as e-commerce and so on. It is also helpful in games development. You can do everything with ruby on rails programming language, as it is the most flexible programming language.

David Heinemeier Hanson is the creator of the Ruby on Rails. Yukihiro Matsumoto is known to design the Ruby on Rails language by blending programming languages such as Perl, Eiffel, Lisp, and ADA into a new Programming language. Ruby has always ranked among the top 10 programming languages, and learning bis define an add-on in your career.

Points to Remember

  • Ruby on Rails unique features helps to increase developer productivity.
  • Database Access Library is one of the best parts in Ruby on Rails programming Language.
  • Ruby on Rails is based on MVC architecture, and so it enables data to be separated from the presentation.
  • There are plenty of libraries in ruby on rails that simplify coding of everyday programming tasks.
  • You can find AJAX Library in the ruby on rails framework. Ruby can be used to generate the AJAX Codes as well.
  • Debugging is a lot easier when compared to other programming languages.

Career Opportunities

As Ruby on Rails is often used to create e-commerce, gaming, and other popular web applications. So, you will never run out of jobs in this programming language. You can get grab job opportunities such as front-end developer, web application builder, back-end programmer, Framework developer, game developer and more on this programming language field.

What you will Learn in the Program

Ruby on Rails Training Program

We've carefully worked on the Ruby on Rails program by keeping all aspiring fresher’s in mind who are new to the programming Language. We have ensured that you get some fantastic real-time skills to gain proper knowledge of Ruby on Rails and go ahead in your programming Career.

  • Introduction to Ruby on Rails: Before entering into the depth course, you will get the concept of Ruby on Rails and other topics such as Ruby installation with RVM and Creating basic Script and in introduction classes.
  • Ruby VersionManager: You'll learn about Ruby Version Manager, Installation Process, Commands and Usage in Ruby on Rails.
  • Working with Linux Platform: In this course, you’ll learn about working with the Linux platform. You’ll also learn file & Directory permissions and other necessary steps.
  • Ruby Shell and Operators: Most of the people often face trouble with Ruby shell and operators. But, our professional and experienced teaching staff will help you to get rid of those troubles by explaining working with ruby operators, Ruby shell, numeric methods, Sting methods, etc.
  • Ruby Datatypes and Variables: Learn about the Datatypes and variables of Ruby and their usage. Local, instance variable and global variables topics are covered here.
  • Ruby Modules and Methods: You might get stuck in Ruby methods and modules topic because it is somewhat tricky. But, with our professional teaching staff, you will never find it hard.
  • Ruby OOP: Cass, accessor, access control, class inheritance, and others OOP related concept are covered up.
  • Loops and Iterators: A clear view of conditional operators and case statements in Ruby is taught.
  • Rails and Ruby Gems: You’ll learn the installation process of Rails and Convention over configuration and about ruby gems in this course.
  • Database & Statements: Mysql topics and folder structures of Ruby and Rails.
  • Rails Model, Views and Controllers: Architecture, methods, parameter, and controller. Along with that, you will also learn about the record basics, migrations, associations, embedded ruby, working with Jquery in Rails framework.

Along with points mentioned above we've included more advanced topics in this course as well. We make sure that our curriculum is up to date to help you and make you more effective with Ruby on Rails Programming. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register with us for the better Ruby on rails opportunity in Chennai.