Want to learn Scala to incorporate both functional and object-oriented Programming language, but don’t know where to start? Then don’t worry, JPA Solution has your covered with Scala Training in Chennai.
At JPA Solution, we will show you the ideal way to reach your final goal with our well-crafted training program. Kick-start your career success with the help of JPA Solutions and reach significant heights in your career. If you are struggling to find out what is Scala and what are the career opportunities of Scala? Then go through this post.

What is Scala?

Scala is a programming language that has the features of both object-oriented programming and functional programming language features. Scala is the excellent combination of the object-oriented paradigm. Scala was created basing Java, Lisp, etc. Language like Fantom, F# is built by the influence of Scala. In spite of supporting many dynamic languages, Scala sticks to be a robust static language. Scala when compared to Java programming language, it has much efficiency. Scala runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can support Java programs that are existing Scala was initially released for Java platform and then for ".Net framework" and dropped ".Net support" later on. Martin Oder sky designed this Scala Programming Language.

Points to Remember

  • Scala is mostly used for Data Science just by using the popular Apache Spark framework.
  • Compared to the mainframe programming language Scala is easy to learn.
  • Scala has a clean syntax and good collection of libraries.

Career Opportunities

Scala Programming language has some great career opportunities. As the craze of the combined programming language is on the rise, Scala will be on inflation. You can quickly get a decent job with the help of Scala. Some of the jobs you can apply for is SCALA developer, Scala programmer, Data Engineer, Development engineer, software engineer and so on.

What you will learn in this program

Scala Training Program

At JPA Solution, we have carefully created this training program just by keeping young and upcoming developers in mind who are relatively new to the programming & Coding. We strive to ensure that you will get world-class professional training from our experienced Programmers.

Below are the topics we will be covering in Scala training Program

  • Introduction: Learn about the basics of Scala programming language to enhance and start coding with ease.
  • Basic Syntax: In this section, you will learn about syntax which are used in Scala and how to use those syntax’s.
  • Data Types: Learn about the different data types that are used in the Scala Programming Language.
  • Classes and Objects: You will learn how to define a class and other details about the classes and objects as well.
  • Access modifiers: Learn about modifiers, how to access those modifiers and how to use them.
  • Scala Operators: In this topic, you will learn about the operators you should use in Scala.
  • Scala Statements: Learn different statements such as If else, loop statement, if then and other statements.
  • Functions: Functions are always useful for any programming language. So, you can learn everything about these functions.
  • Closures and Pattern Matching: You will learn about the closures and pattern matching in this session.
  • Exception handling: Exception handling is always useful so you will learn about them in this course.
  • Extractors: You will get proper knowledge of Extractors in this course so that you can make use of them effectively.
  • Regular Expression: In this topic, you will be learning about the regular expression that are frequently used in Scala Programming Language.

We’ll be covering these topics in this program. Along with these, you will also work on the live projects to get some real-time experience. So, what are you waiting for? Come join JPA Solutions and improve your knowledge.