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If you don’t know about swift, then check below. You’ll get a proper idea about what is swift? Career opportunities for swift and what you will learn in this course.

What is Swift?

Swift is nothing but a general-purpose programming language for MacOS, IOS watch OS and tv OS as well. It is designed specially to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and its very old version objective-C. Writing code in the Swift programming language is fun and straightforward. The syntax of the swift is short, but it is comprehensive and expressive. That’s why most of the modern day developers love to work with Swift Programming Language to build IOS Apps

Points to Remember

  • Swift is an open source programming language that is developed at Swift.org a site that is dedicated to the swift.
  • Swift programming language allows you to write code that is more expressive. Just with the help of its new Syntax improvements.
  • Swift has been a playground for the programmers as it allows you to test out new graphics and algorithm routines without creating an entire iPhone app.
  • This program is secure and can never be unsafe. Along with that, problems can be fixed when the code is written this will help you to reduce money and time.

Career Opportunities

Swift Programming language has some great career Opportunities. According to the survey in 2017, itself Global App Revenue has grown by 35% to reach nearly $60billion in that the IOS apps share around $38.5 billion of revenue. By seeing those stats, you can get a graph in your mind about the job opportunities you will have by learning swift.

What you will learn in this program

Swift Training Program

We have created this program carefully by keeping young and aspiring developers in mind who strive to learn new programming languages to improve their career. To ensure that there are in perfect hand we have created this platform with real-world skills and practical work to educate the trainees to reach higher levels in their career.

These topics are covered in this course:

  • Introduction: Learn about the basic concept of swift and the power of swift programming language along with its basics.
  • Basic Syntax: Learn about basic syntax of Swift effortlessly by knowing the interface of swift.
  • Data Types: Learn about all the data types that are used in the Swift programming language.
  • Variables: Learn how to use variables and where to use variables in this session of Swift training program.
  • Tuples and constants: In this topic, you will learn about the tuples and constants that are used in Swift Programming Language.
  • Operators: Operators are often useful for any programming language. So, learn about operators that are used in swift.
  • Loop and Strings: Learn about the loop statements and strings that are used to build an IOS app with the help of swift.
  • Functions: Properly learn everything about functions with ease just with the help of our teaching staff.
  • Structures & Classes: In this session, you will be learning about the structures and classes that you will use in Swift.

Along with these, you will learn more with practical examples, live projects and so on. So, what are you still waiting for join Swift training Program at JPA Solutions.