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Before going into the in-depth of our training program, have a brief look at what is XML it's career opportunities.

What is XML?

XML stands for Extensible Markup language. XML is based on Standardized Generalized Markup Language. It was developed by world wide web consortium(w3c) and is an open source. XML tags are used to identify, store and organize data unlike HTML to display data.

XML doesn't perform any calculation or operation, and so it's not considered as a programming language. Usually, XML focuses on documents, but alongside it's widely used for representing data structures like the ones used in web services


  • XML is both human and system readable.
  • XML helps in transporting and storing data.
  • XML helps in simplifying the creation of HTML documents when used for big websites.
  • It can be used within systems and organization to exchange information.
  • XML can be combined with style sheets to get the desired web page.

Career Opportunities

There are vast opportunities for XML. You can be placed in any of the MNC's IT company as a software engineer, XML developer. Based on your experience, your role could get promoted as Senior Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer.

Here are the program modules that are provided at our training.

XML training program

  • Introduction to XML: Topics like the overview of XML, it's advantage and objectives would be covered here. The different XML Applications, structure and valid documents topics.
  • XML Components: Element, Attributes, Entities, declaration, Document type definition and basics of various technologies like XSLT, X-QUERY and the basic XML Toolkit concept is provided under this module.
  • Editor and Views: Editing views like text, Grid, and authentic view. Opening, organizing and exploring files using projects. Adding attributes and elements using elements entry helper shall be taught.
  • Help manual DTD: Structure of help manual DTD, applying HTML transformation, body elements inline elements.
  • XML Http Request: Learn about XML Http Request and XML Parser in this section.
  • XML XPath, Namespace & Attributes: Learn XML Xpaths and Attributes in this post. Along with that learn about namespace as well.
  • XML DOM, XSLT: In this course, you’ll learn everything about the XML DOM and XSLT to improve your skills.
  • DTDs: Introduction and necessity if DTDs, DTD syntax, Elements and attributes declaration, Entity Declaration, DTD syntax and sample example are covered here.
  • XML Schema: In this lesson, you’ll be learning about the XML Schema which are useful for making your programming efforts easy.
  • Style sheets and CSS: Intro and explanation if the functionality of stylesheet. Minimal concepts of extensible stylesheet language and cascading style sheets and differences between them. Linking to the style sheet and browser supports.

On the whole, almost all extensive topics of XML are covered under our program. Don't get late, come get well trained under proper guidance from JPA Solution.